Hirbod Hosseini was born in Tehran in 1983, he started learning music at the age of 10 at the Iran Broadcasting House of Art and Literature. At the age of 16, he started studying sound engineering with engineer Rahim Nahi, and at the age of 18, he seriously entered the market of music in the field of composition, arrangement and sound engineering.

At the age of 18, Hirbod Hosseini managed to produce his first music album and after a short time, he started working as a sound engineer on television. At the same time, he was studying in the field of mechanical engineering, and after completing his studies, he managed to obtain a master’s degree in biomechanics from Tehran University of Science and Research.

Hirbod Hosseini started his first professional studio in partnership with master Touraj Shabankhani, the legend of his previous generation’s composer, after that he worked as a sound engineer and mixing engineer at Shaghayegh Studio for several years. Another of Hirbod’s skills is the design and implementation of music studios and concert halls, which he has also published articles on. Considering this expertise, in the following years, he founded a studio in collaboration with Dr. Mohammad Reza Cheraghali, and started working there.

Another studio that hosted Hirbod Hosseini for many years was Sorna Studio. In this studio, he recorded various pieces with famous European artists including: Steve Baker, Claus Hessler, Jojo Mayer, Peter Wolpl, Hakim Ludin, Hazhar Zahawi, Stefan Hergenroder, Stephan Maass, Wim de Vries Produced as a sound engineer and mixing engineer.

After working in several prestigious studios, he invited to Art Academy and worked as a studio manager. During this period, he was selected as a university professor in the field of sound engineering and has trained many students until today.

After gaining enough experience and knowledge, Hirbod Hosseini managed to join the Phanoos label produced by Ali Akbar Fakour Motlaq. Phanoos company entered the music market with the slogan “Great music with great quality” and has introduced good singers such as Ehsan Daryadel and Sasan Aran to the market.

Latest Released


Latest Released

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Certification of Recommendation

Stephan Maass

Certification of Recommendation

Stefan Hergenroder

Certification of Recommendation

Wim de Vris

Certification of Recommendation

Peter Wolpl

Certification of Recommendation

Claus Hessler

Global Music Awards Winner

Global Music Awards is an international music competition that honors independent musicians in various categories all over the world. With announcement of winners of #0922-1419 round of this award, the names of Hirbod Hosseini can be seen among the winners of medal in Production field.

Work skills

University professor

Faculty of Music Tehran, Iran Since October 2019

Faculty of Music Tehran, Iran Since October 2019

Faculty of Music Tehran, Iran Since October 2019

Studio manager

Art Academy Tehran, Iran May 2016 - 2020


General Director of Audio and Visual, Music Center

Art Academy Tehran, Iran October 2017 - 2020

Member of the Music Council

Art Academy Tehran, Iran November 2016 - 2020

Member of the Board

Saba Art Cultural Institute Tehran, Iran June 2017 - 2018


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